(de)Generative (de)Composition

ground soil, decomposing fruits, earth worms, soil sensors, sound control board,  PureData sonic patch

Exhibited at Grass Grows in the Icebox
Soft Projects Gallery, Ypsilanti MI
Curator: Nathan Byrne 

An ambient sonic composition is generated based on the data gather from various soil sensors. The active process of decomposition changes the soil chemistry, composition and quality. This data is then fed into a Pure Data patch that effects different parameters of the sonic composition, such as tone, pitch and time signatures. The composition continuously changes and evolves over time as the organic matter in the fruit is decomposed. 

In this show, I wanted to explore how we conceptualize the idea of nature. What is the natural state of things? Is there a visible line dividing natural and artificial? Why do we consider “natural” to be an agreeable state? Nature is chaotic, unrelenting and even apathetic. Things break down, fall apart, and die. Nature marches on, evolving with or without us. On the one hand, we are very much part of nature, but on the other we have the ability to affect nature in drastic ways. How do we make sense of this paradoxical relationship?